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Unit pre-bookings are now open to our VIP registrants!
Fill out the worksheet below and we’ll request your floor plan(s) and pricing directly from the developer for your specific unit!

1 Bedrooms from $300,000’s  – 1 Bedroom + Dens from COMING SOON
2 Bedrooms from COMING SOON – 2 Bedroom + Dens from COMING SOON

3 Bedrooms from COMING SOON

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you request I submit a copy of my drivers licence when selecting my preferences?
Including a copy of your drivers license is considered as a mandatory piece of ID by the developer when we request a unit directly from them, especially if you are very serious about purchasing at Zen Condos. The developers request this from us as they need to verify that a person is indeed requesting the unit and to hold a unit on your behalf if need be.

Does requesting a unit or floor plan from the developer commit me to purchasing at Express Condos?
No, by requesting a unit it does not commit you to purchase at Express Condos. However, by requesting a unit as early a possible it allows you to be more likely to receive and potentially purchase the unit you desire.